Miller/Coors suing Annheuser Busch for alleging they use corn syrup in beer


Beer manufacturer MillerCoors filed a lawsuit on Thursday against Anheuser-Busch over the company’s ad campaign that claims Coors Light contains corn syrup. The lawsuit alleges that Anheuser-Busch’s ads are misleading and “designed to frighten consumers.” The campaign included a Super Bowl commercial and several billboards with the slogan: Bud Light has “100 percent less corn syrup than Coors Light.”

… The lawsuit states: “No corn syrup is in the glass, bottle, or can of Miller Light or Coors Light that consumers drink. … Anheuser-Busch is fearmongering over a common beer ingredient it uses in many of its own beers, as a fermentation aid that is not even present in the final product. This deliberate deception is bad for the entire beer category.”


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