Woman removes a Burger King cup stuck on a skunk's head


Well walking to my vehicle on the morning of March 13th 2019. I had a run in with a skunk in distress. A BURGER KING cup suffocating him. The lid was intact and his head was completely inside. With no room or strength to remove it himself, I knew I had to help!

My fear of getting sprayed was out weighed when I realized this skunk was going to die of either starvation or suffocation.

We danced around for a few minutes, my fear kicking in every now and again until I seen an opportunity I could take. At one point during the struggle, I had the skunk lifted completely off the ground and the cup still wouldn’t release. Finally I managed to wiggle his head out, the top of the lid still not coming off. Instead his head sliding back through.

This was a Burger King smoothie cup with the wide mouth lid. This video highlights the real issue that is pollution VS our wild life. The wouldn’t have been able to remove that cup in his own and that would have been a terrible death for any living being.

No animal should have to suffer because of humanities ignorance to the dangers of not taken extra steps to protect what is so dear to our planet.

Please remember to discard of your garbage responsibility and place your recyclables in appropriate places. Take EXTRA precautions when throwing away items that might become death traps to small animals or our beautiful planet.


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