Women's Hall of Fame upset about possible induction of actress Jane Fonda


The upstate New York town of Seneca Falls that's home to the National Women's Hall of Fame is threatening to pull its funding after the institution inducted actressJane Fonda. In a draft resolution, Seneca Falls town supervisor Greg Lazzaro blasted Fonda's infamous 1972 trip to North Vietnam, during which she posed on top of a Viet Cong anti-aircraft weapon, and proposed no longer funding the Hall of Fame out of respect for veterans. Kate Bennett, who's the incoming chair of the Hall's board of directors, said they stand by Fonda's induction, calling her a "powerful and visible influencer" in areas like Native American rights and environmentalism, adding, "Women who are making a difference in this world aren't always popular." The decision about who to induct is made by a panel of judges. Fonda has apologized several times for the 1972 incident, including in an HBO documentary about her life last year, in which she called sitting on the anti-aircraft gun a "betrayal."


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