Can a plant-based "hamburger" taste like the real thing? Yes!

Burger King is testing a meatless Whopper that uses an "Impossible Burger," now selling it at 59 locations in St. Louis. It's the first national fast food chain to use Impossible Burgers, which are plant-based but look and taste like beef, and even "bleed" red juices. Burger King announced the Impossible Whoppers with a video released yesterday (April 1st) that shows unsuspecting people eating them and then saying they can't taste the difference. The Impossible Whopper will cost about $1 extra. The Impossible Burger is already sold in more than 5,000 restaurants, including Red Robin and White Castle. If the test is successful and Burger King introduces the Impossible Whopper nationwide, it would more than double that.

I tried something called BEYOND BEEF. It is a patty that is pre-formed, ready to cook, and made mostly out of peas. But while I am a cynic about things like this, I gave it a try. It was fabulous. It looked, smelled and tasted like beef. (I found it at Publix, by the way.)



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