Woman buys out closing Payless store to donate to flood victims


When 25-year-old Addy Tritt paid a visit to her local Payless in Hays, Kansas, last week, she didn’t intend to walk out with the last of the store’s inventory. Tritt went to the now-out-of-business shoe store after seeing an ad on its Facebook page promoting its slashed prices. When the last 204 pairs of footwear dropped to $1 each, she figured she could buy some and donate them to a shelter or church. But her pile of shoes kept growing, so she finally went up to the sales associate and asked, “Can you get me a deal on all of these shoes?” It took just a little over two hours and a few phone calls to the Payless corporate office and Tritt was in possession of all the remaining shoes ― which were valued at approximately $6,000. She purchased them for about $100. After considering several different organizations to donate her Payless windfall to, Tritt finally landed on the idea of sending the shoes to Nebraska, where recent epic flooding has destroyed millions of dollars in crops, injured and killed several people, damaged homes and deeply impacted farmers.


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