Taylor Swift's generous gesture to a fan after her car accident

Taylor Swift recently cheered up a “Swiftie” who was badly injured in a car crash by sending flowers and a handwritten note to her hospital room.

Lindsay Sizemore, who was left with multiple broken bones in the accident, was completely surprised and moved by the gesture. “i finally stopped crying long enough to post that taylor swift just sent me flowers and a handwritten note...” she wrote on Twitter. “im still in complete utter shock. @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 thank you so much. i love you endlessly, you have NO IDEA how much this meant to me. see u on tour bb.”

In the handwritten note, Taylor wrote in part, “I hope these flowers brighten your day. You’re gonna rock that neck brace and soon we’ll all be bopping at shows together again...I’m so happy you’re okay.” Sizemore said, “I never in a million years expected to receive flowers from her. I don’t know how she even knew of me or me being in a neck brace or a bad car accident. She’s like a magical fairy godmother.” “She has eased the pain of a broken leg, neck, back, finger and 11 ribs,” she added.

The fan also updated her feed Tuesday on her health progress, writing, “On a side note, I did so good getting up out of bed today! My strength is increasing.”

This isn’t Taylor’s first act of kindness this week. She also donated $113,000 to the LGBTQ organization, Tennessee Equality Project.

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