What do you think of this: a school now has a dress code FOR PARENTS!


Student dress codes are common at schools across the country, but a Houston high school may be the only school that has a dress code for parents. James Madison High School Principal Carlotta Outley Brown says she instituted the dress code because it's necessary to establish high standards for students. Under the dress code spelled out in a letter to parents earlier this month, among the things they won't be allowed to wear into the school are: pajamas; hair rollers; leggings; sagging pants or shorts; revealing tops; undershirts on men; torn jeans that show a lot of the skin underneath; shower caps and hair bonnets; and, quote, "dresses that are up to your behind." The president of the Houston Federal of Teachers, Zeph Capo, called the dress code relating to women's hair "classist" and "belittling." He told the Houston Chronicle, "I'm sorry, this principal may have plenty of money and time to go to the hairdresser weekly and have her stuff done. Who are you to judge others who may not have the same opportunities that you do? Having a wrap on your head is not offensive." One Madison High School parent, Tomiko Miller, told the Chronicle, "I really think it was discriminatory, the language that was used. It was demeaning. And I’m African American -- and if it’s misty outside and I have a hair bonnet on, I don’t see how that’s anyone’s business." Outley Brown is African American


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