Two new pop tart flavors that taste just like your favorite cupcakes

Kellogg's has introduced its new Frosted Chocolate Cupcake Pop Tart and announced the return of a fan favorite flavor: the Frosted Confetti Cupcake. According to the press release, it initially debuted in 2017 and has become the second most-requested flavor in the entire Pop-Tart lineup. The cupcake pop tarts look just like Hostess cupcakes we grew up on and will be available next month.

"At Pop-Tarts, we love to give fans the flavors they love most, and our research shows that over 50 percent of our fans eat Pop-Tarts as a snack," director of marketing Joe Beauprez said in a statement."We reimagined the classic dessert in Pop-Tart form, giving our devoted fans more opportunity to enjoy this delicious, sweet treat any time of the day."



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