This is one way to get HR to notice you when applying for a job!


If you think your resume isn't getting the recognition it deserves, you could always post it on a billboard. That's exactly what Brandon Fox, who currently lives in New York City, has done to try and get a job at Walt Disney World. The billboard is double sided and reads "Dear WDW Executives & HR, Experienced EA/PA Professional SEEKING A POSITION AS A WDW Assistant Thanks! #futureWDWassistant For My Resume: 407.442.4008 or". Fox says he previously worked for Disney World as part of the company's college program, and would be willing to move back to Florida to work for the company. He said he was inspired to rent the billboard while riding the subway in NYC. A spokesperson for Walt Disney World reportedly said, "We appreciate the creativity and encourage anyone interested in a role with us to apply at"


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