You Tuber pranks Walmart employees telling them they're fired


A YouTube star is facing backlash after she disguised herself as a high-ranking Walmart executive and pretended to fire employees at a Texas store as part of a prank video. Lauren Love and her partner, Joel Ashley, run several YouTube channels, including Joel and Lauren TV. A video they recorded and posted in April, featuring Love pretending to fire the employees of a Richmond, Texas Walmart, has ruffled feathers, with critics blasting Love for her heartless joke.

… In the since-deleted video, titled “CEO Firing People Prank IN THE HOOD (GONE WRONG),” Love puts on a wig and business attire and carries a clipboard as she informs employees that she is the “CEO of this Walmart.” In one clip she tells a female employee, “You’re working horrible, you’re moving slow” and pretends to fire her. Love repeats her spiel to multiple employees, including one man who asks for “one more chance.”

Walmart has banned her from their stores and social media lit up with suggestions of how she should be held responsible for this gag.


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