Burger King's Traffic Jam Whopper: delivery right to your car!


You’re stuck in a sea of standstill traffic when it begins: hunger pangs, the kind that unleash a steady stream of fast food fantasizing. With your grumbling stomach growing louder, your options are limited: You can wait a few hours for the road to clear, or get out and start jogging to whatever food is closest.

… Now Burger King is betting that hungry drivers will welcome a third option: a direct to driver delivery concept the company has labeled “The Traffic Jam Whopper.” Using an app, the initiative — which is being rolled out in Mexico City following a one-month pilot program — allows drivers to order food directly to their car, where it is delivered via motorcycle.

… To make the traffic jam delivery process possible, Burger King’s Mexico app activates the service after identifying congested areas in Mexico City during periods of high traffic. Customers can only place an order if the app determines that the driver will be locked in traffic for at least 30 minutes and they are within a 1.8-mile radius of a Burger King restaurant.


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