They were kicked off a Southwest flight for making a vodka joke. Honest!

You should really be careful when throwing around any type of insult on a plane. An unnamed passenger was thrown off a Southwest Airlines flight from Sacramento, California to Austin, Texas, for making a joke after a long delay that made the cabin and crew annoyed and restless. Others on the flight say it was delayed about three to four hours, and as a flight attendant distributed water, the offending man quipped, "Wow, I hope that's vodka because we've been sitting here for so long." The witness says the flight attendant replied brusquely, "Yeah, it's vodka," and then the man jokingly replied back, "Hey, this isn't vodka." The witness claims the flight attendant then said something like, "We're all tired here," and the two argued about it before the attendant made a phone call and the plane taxied back to the terminal, where police boarded and escorted the joking man off the plane. The witness says this was an over-the-top reaction, and hopes the man who got kicked off will sue the airline. Southwest said in a statement, "We regret any less-than-positive experience a Customer has onboard our aircraft. [...] We will share this report with our Customer Relations Team." 



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