A Richmond, Virginia, Shih Tzu is reportedly dead because of a request in her late owner’s will. reports Emma the dog was put in the temporary custody of Chesterfield County Animal Services on March 8, following the death of her owner. Even though the Shih Tzu was healthy, she was reportedly picked up two weeks later and euthanized because Emma’s owner wrote into her will that she wanted to be laid to rest with her dog.

… Carrie Jones, manager of Chesterfield County Animal Services, said the shelter tried to convince the executor of the owner’s will not to put down Emma. Unfortunately, the executor chose to proceed with the late owner’s wishes, and reportedly had Emma taken to a local vet to be euthanized. It is unclear if Emma was buried with her owner. According to Virginia Cemetery code 54.1-2312.01, no pets can be “interred in the same grave, crypt, or niche as the remains of a human.” The New York Post reports that this code applies for commercial cemeteries, but not family-owned burial plots.

… In Virginia — and most other states — animals are property. Unless you make specific plans for your pets, their disposition rests in the discretion of your executor or estate administrator. As with other property, they can give away or sell your pets.

Is this not the most selfish thing you have ever heard?

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