Mom gives birth in 4 minutes in front of 3 kids in the car hospital bound


Two parents had the surprise of a lifetime after their little girl was born just minutes away from the hospital — and their 10-year-old caught the entire thing on video. Michael Addison and Rudia Napier from Henderson, Nevada, had no idea that their little girl would arrive as quickly as she did. In a video that’s gone viral, it shows Napier as she gives birth in their car. Although Napier’s due date wasn’t until June 8, both parents were surprised to find themselves in an incredible situation as they drove to a checkup at the hospital on May 24.

… The couple had brought their three children along for the appointment, so they were in the car when things started happening — quickly. Dad Michael Addison explained that as he drove, they started to film the ride to record a “pre-baby delivery video” but they never expected it to turn into more than that.

Here's the complete video they posted online Saturday (caution: contains brief adult language!)



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