An entire school learned sign language in honor of their first deaf student

This is precious! Morey Belanger, a 6-year-old kindergartener in Maine, is her school's first deaf student. To make her feel welcome, the school embraced the opportunity to teach all the students some sign language. ❤️

The school installed a hearing assistive system and implemented extra teacher training to incorporate sign language into every classroom, including core subjects, music and computer class.The kindergarten class is also getting some help from Morey.

"Morey helped all of them to learn the alphabet, the kids have just really embraced her. They look up to her, they want her around, and they want to partner with her."

Morey's mom, Shannon Belanger, said her family has been blown away by how supportive the school has been.

"I absolutely feel like it makes her feel welcomed," Belanger said. "I think all the kids feel excited that they know another language and I think they think it's fun."

So when Cinderella came to sing to the entire elementary, she helped with the singing and the signing, of course.

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