It's time for this year's tax-free weekend

What Items Qualify for South Carolina Tax Free Shopping?

South Carolina exempts the following items, with no price limitations:

Note that South Carolina exempts athletic uniforms butnotequipment. Also, school supplies includemusical instruments, if they're used for school assignments. And computer hardware is taxed unless it's bundled with a CPU.

What Items Aren't Eligible for South Carolina Tax Free Status?

As in most states, accessories such as jewelry and glasses aren't tax exempt, and neither are clothing rentals. Layaway and deferred payment options also aren't exempt from sales tax. Additionally, any items used in a trade or business don't qualify for the exemption.

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South Carolina should publish an updated list before July 10, 2019, but you cansee 2018's list here. We don't expect it to change much — if at all — for 2019.

More South Carolina Tax Holiday Tips

Unlike most states, South Carolina doesn't list any price limitations on its tax exemptions. Internet sales qualify as long as the order is paid for during the holiday. Unusually, South Carolina includes the cost of clothing alterations in its exemptions. You can see all the latest published information at theSC Department of Revenue website.


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