Blind man gets apology from Bluffton church about bringing his service dog

Taylor Burch is a legally blind man in Bluffton who was turned away from Lowcountry Commuity Church because of his service dog.He claims he's brought his servide dog Indy to other churches and is embarrassed.

Pastor Jeff Cranston says the church did what was necessary by the Americans with Disabilities Act law. The belief is by law, if one animal was let in, even a service dog, then all animals would have to be allowed into the sanctuary.That could create a difficult situation for staff and parishioners.

Now the Pastor is changing policy.

“We’ve reached out to him and I have apologized to him via email. Don’t want to ever have anyone come here who feels like there is a barrier for them to come here. We are going through everything to make it right and remove any barrier. We want to be, and we are, a welcoming church.”

Cranston says that “open door” policy will be changed immediately. The church will accept service animals and their owners starting this weekend. Here is the update:

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