She yells at and assaults her boyfriend before getting kicked off a plane

It’s only Tuesday, but the Video of the Week has already been declared. A viral video shows a berserk woman berating her boyfriend on a commercial flight and then being kicked off the plane after she assaulted him. The couple just boarded the airplane and they were close to departing. The boyfriend in the video is named “Memo” (pronounced mem-oh). According to the girlfriend, Memo allegedly was “looking at other women.” The girlfriend gives Memo a tongue-lashing for the ages as she scolds him in front of all of the passengers on the plane. I wish I could play some audio for you but it would be one non-stop bleeeeeeeeep.

… When a flight attendant confronted the angry woman and asked her to stop cursing because there was a young child sitting behind her, the girlfriend said: “Yeah, I know, I [bleeping] consulted the [bleeping] child.” The girlfriend strikes her boyfriend during the argument and he gets up out of the seat. Memo says, “You’re assaulting me man!”. After hitting her boyfriend, the woman questions Memo on if she actually assaulted him, “Oh, I’m assaulting you?” Where’s an air marshall when you really need one?”

… Then she really assaults him by hurling a laptop bag at the back of his head, but it also struck a flight attendant in the head. As the woman is being kicked off the plane, she doubles back to get her purse. The pilot then informs the crazy woman that she is going to be charged with assault. She nonchalantly replies, “Fine, whatever.”


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