73 year old and his 2 dogs survive four days in Oregon desert without food

He was hiking in the Oregon desert with his two dogs and ended up being stranded for four days; he was rescued when a bicyclist discovered him nearly unconscious and miles from his abandoned car.

Lake County Deputy Buck Magazini said that the man was “out exploring” July 14 when his Jeep got stuck in a dry creek bed about 15 miles from the nearest paved road and he tried to hike out.

Mountain biker Tomas Quinones found the man four days later, on July 18, nearly unconscious with one of his dogs by his side. Authorities found the Jeep and the second dog two days later using an aircraft.

Maganzini says the man had no food and very little water and was near death when he was found. He’s been released from the hospital, and his dogs are OK, too.

Quinones knew the man was in danger telling The Oregonian newspaper. “He was conscious, but not responding.” With no cell service he pressed the SOS button on his GPS and waited with the man for authorities to arrive.

Quinones told the AP that as he waited an hour for an ambulance, Randolph's Shih Tzu appeared from the brush, and he fed the dog peanut butter.

The three of them are very lucky to be alive, and owe their lives to the bicyclist who happened to be in the right place at the right time.

Photo by Tomas Quinones, AP


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