The Bachelorette Hannah B makes a last minute change in the man she chooses


The Bachelorette host Chris Harrison warns everyone every time that this time, it will be “the most dramatic series finale ever,” but this time, he was right. Leading lady Hannah Brown got engaged, only to dump her fiancé Jud Wyatt in front of a live audience after finding out that he had a girlfriend and joined the show to boost his music career. ABC exec Rob Mills spoke to Variety about the blowback on the casting process and show: “Look, you can only take people for their word. The first question is obviously, ‘Are you single?’ I guess only an idiot would say no. The question is how hard do you push? With some people, you can tell that they’re being deceitful and then you don’t cast them, but for the most part, they’re sincere. One of the things that we do is put pictures out of the cast, so it was common knowledge, if you follow the show, that Jed was going to be on the show. She [Jed’s ex-girlfriend] waited an awful long time to come forward, so clearly, this girl believes that she went along with a plan with Jed where he said to her that he was going on the show, but they would still be together because he was going on to promote his music.”


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