Police officer charged with animal cruelty and neglect is placed on leave

A police officer who is charged with animal cruelty and neglect has been placed on leave. Jeffrey Levan, and Amber Levan are each charged with one count of animal cruelty and two counts of animal neglect, according to court records. Pennyslvania State Police said the couple’s dog was 20 to 30 pounds underweight and looked “sickly.”

The dog, which is described as a Golden and Labrador mix, “had bones visibly protruding, open sores on his legs, and smelled of urine,” police wrote in a news release.

Police Chief Mark Stonbraker said Jeffrey Levan is on paid administrative leave. The couple is awaiting a preliminary hearing that’s scheduled for Sept. 3 at 3 p.m.

Police transported the dog to a shelter where he received veterinary care, according to the press release

This isn't the first time a Philadelphia area cop has faced criminal charges for abusing a pet.

In November of 2016, Philadelphia police officer Michael Long was arrested for abandoning his starving pit bull named Cranberry in a trash bag, according People.


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