It was an I LOVE LUCY night. In color.


So tonight, as a belated birthday present, my friend Debbie took me to see "A Colorized Celebration," five classic I Love Lucy episodes (shown in color for the first time) along with a documentary on how the process works. It was wonderful seeing these wonderful timeless classics on the big screen, but hearing audience members laughing out loud amplified the experience. I knew most of the dialogue by heart but that didn't stop me from sitting back and just soaking it all in. Watching this, you realize what a genius Lucy was in terms of comedic skill and timing. From "Vitametavegemin" to her role as a candy maker, it was 2 1/2 hours of sheer joy. And if you didn't see it, and want to, the episodes are part of a colorized DVD collection that comes out this month with the documentary. Highly recommended.



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