This UFO was photographed over Mexico. Looks like a drunk alien driver!

Chances are pretty good there we aren't the only planet with intelligent lifeforms. And considering how many UFO sightings there are every year, it generates even more belief of alient life.

In fact, there are so many UFOs spotted in the sky that when video of one comes out, people don't even react to the unidentified flying object and instead, get distracted by other things.

Here is video of a supposed UFO over Mexico--but because of the way it wobbles, alot of people on social media are more interested if it's being helmed by someone who has had a little too much to drink.

Among the comments on social media: "Looks like a drunk ufo driver lol he can't keep it straight." And another said "The ufo is moving in a pendulum motion almost like it was on a rope or string :-)" and another writing, "Cool, a mylar balloon!"

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