70 year old takes "get off my lawn" to a new level


In Omaha, CJ Segebart pulled into his mother’s neighborhood last week while it was dark. After finding a spot to park across the street from his mom’s house, CJ hopped out of his white Chevy pickup truck and went inside. Only problem? The passenger tires were resting on the grass along the curb. The next morning the 70-year-old man whose lawn was being crushed by the truck tires got out a knife and stabbed those tires.

… But he wasn’t done. A road construction crew was pouring concrete just down the street from CJ’s truck. So the old guy went back to his home and come out with a hammer. He then hammered out the front lights on the concrete mixer, smacked at the back of the mixer, stomped through the freshly poured concrete, and swore at the men doing street repairs. It was all caught on video by the driver of the cement mixer. Police were called and authorities are reviewing the case

A comment on social media said: The truck didn't even belong to any of those guys repairing the road. It belonged to the son of his neighbor who happened to be visiting his mom that day. Crankypants been charged with a misdemeanor....should the damages exceed $1500.00 it will be upped to a felony. Also the old guy has a history of criminal mischief.


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