He takes his grandma on vacation so she can see mountains and the ocean


I love this story! An Ohio man has been sharing travel adventures with his grandmother after she told him four years ago that she'd never seen the ocean or mountains. Brad Ryan was feeling burned out from veterinary school when he visited his 85-year-old Grandma Joy in 2015 and she confessed about her lack of travel when he was sharing stories of where he'd gone. Ryan spontaneously asked his grandmother if she'd like to hike the Smoky Mountains with him and she agreed. Since then, they've visited 29 national parks across America, and Ryan told station WJLA, "Seeing it through my grandmother’s eyes, who every morning wakes up and is thankful to be alive, has taught me how to live. With her, I’ve had to slow down and see it in a different way, which has made it a lot more rich." Ryan has been sharing their adventures on Instagram and Facebook, and hopes it will inspire other young people to spend time with their elders.



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