Changes coming for season 28 of Dancing With The Stars

The last time we saw the show the ratings saw a pretty steep decline. And after 27 seasons that's to be expected, so ABC says they plan to freshen up the format. President Karey Burke says they've been in discussions with BBC and nothing yet has been publicly revealed.

“The producers were just in last week talking about the casting and the creative evolution. It’s all very exciting. It won’t be major format changes, just tweaking and tinkering… the show’s been on so long and it’s been so successful elsewhere, I think they’ve done quite an impressive job of looking at what works,” she said.

Dancing With the Stars, which will return in September on Monday nights from 8-10 PM.

As far as I'm concerned I have three suggestions:

They should bring back the results show on the night after the performances. Unfortunately for the past couple of seasons they got rid of the results show which meant that the last couple to dance in the finale only had one commercial break (after their dance) to get votes from the (east coast only) audience when the first couple to dance in the finale got two hours. That’s not fair to the couples (who don’t get enough time to get votes) or the west coast audience (who don’t even get a chance to vote).

Secondly, they really need "stars." In recently seasons I haven't know most of the names. It used to be I'd know most and there were a few I didn't know but lately that ration has been flipped.

Lastly, they need to fix the scoring so the judges scores carry more weight so it's less of a populaity contest and more voting based on the performances.

Your thoughts??

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