Passenger installed a secret spy camera in a United Airlines bathroom


A man has been accused of installing a surveillance camera in the first-class restroom of a recent United Airlines flight. According to court records, the spy camera was discovered by a Houston area woman flying first class on a flight from San Diego to Houston. While using the bathroom she observed an item with a blinking blue light situated near a door hinge inside. Once done in the bathroom the female passenger stood up, grabbed the item with a paper towel, walked out of the bathroom and gave it to the flight crew.

… After the item was confirmed to be a video recording device by a United Airlines security team, footage recovered showed a man installing the camera. While his face was not shown, investigators were able to identify “distinctive” jewelry and clothing that were then matched against boarding footage obtained by the FBI in San Diego and identified the individual as Malaysian man Choon Ping Lee.

… Inspecting the device further, the FBI in Houston recovered additional photos of two women in a separate restroom on a different flight.


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