Comcast employee saves the life of a customer who is suffering a stroke


Amazing! A Comcast rep saved a customer who was 900 miles away. Dan Magennis called Comcast with a question about his cable. The Walker, Michigan, resident was home alone, and had the phone on speaker. Suddenly he was unable to answer the representative’s questions, and couldn’t move his right leg. Magennis said he realized he was having a stroke, but couldn’t communicate that to the representative, Kimberly Williams.

Williams was in her office in Jackson, Mississippi, but said she had “confidence in my heart, I knew something was wrong with him.” Williams moved fast, and started searching online for police departments near Magennis’ house. She finally reached the Walker Fire Department, and five minutes later, paramedics arrived at Magennis’ house and rushed him to the hospital. Doctors quickly determined Magennis had a blood clot on the left side of his brain, and he was in surgery within an hour.


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