So Is this a rabbit or a raven being stroked? It's got social media talking


Another day, another bizarre optical illusion doing the rounds on social media. Yup, we've already had the weird black and white/color group shot and the car door/beach scene and now the latest is a video of a cute bunny being petted... or, is it a bird? Sharing the clip on Twitter Dan Quintana, a biological psychiatry researcher at the University of Oslo, wrote: "Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose." However, users were quick to respond to say that they saw a black bird, most likely a crow or raven, while others insisted that they saw a cute bunny getting its nose tickled.

A video of a black animal being stroked has the internet divided. People are arguing over whether the animal is a raven or a rabbit. The video was originally shared on Twitter by Podcaster Dan Quintana on Sunday (August 18th) with the caption "Rabbits love getting stroked on their nose." But some think the animal's ears look like a raven's beak. Check it out below-- you be the judge.


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