Could you tolerate sitting in coach for 20 hours?

The world’s longest commercial flight is 9,534 miles from Newark, New Jersey, to Singapore and takes anywhere from 15 to 19 hours depending on winds. Nineteen hours is a long time to spend anywhere consecutively other than a womb or a grave, both of which provide more legroom than coach, but Australian airline Qantas wants to know if we can possibly tolerate any longer.

… Qantas is going to test direct flights from Sydney to both New York and London, which will take about 20 hours. The tests will occur with 40 people, most of whom work for the company.

… Sydney to JFK in New York is a distance of 9,950 miles, or 416 miles longer than the Newark-Singapore flight. Should these flights actually be put into revenue service, Sydney-London would take the crown for the longest commercial flight at a whopping 10,573 miles.



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