Andy Richter (Conan's sidekick) has run in with guy's bare feet on a plane

  • "We were at the front of the plane and a guy put his bare feet up on either side of the TV screen. I tweeted it, I think you can see it. (Conan) You took a picture of it. (Andy) Yeah, I took a picture of it. I took a picture just to send to the people they like to... to, just to say check out this creep. The flight attendant says please put your feet down sir.He puts them down, then a cup of minutes later he puts them right back up. And so me, being the... I am, I was like, hey, buddy, could you do us all a favor? Don't put your bare feet where people touch with their bare hands? It's a hygiene question. They're your bare feet man. He got indignant. He put them down for a second but then he put them back up stubbornly, so I thought, screw this, I'm tweeting it. (Conan) Screw this I'm tweeting it, are some of the bravest words ever spoken. (Andy) I think I'm the real hero. (Conan) Right up there with anything said during the civil rights struggle."


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