Teddy bear with boy's late mother's voice message is found and returned!


A seven-year-old boy from Nova Scotia named Duncan who was vacationing with his family in Airdrie, Canada, lost his special teddy bear, which contains a voice message his mother made before she died. Duncan's stepmother went on the internet and asked residents of Airdrie to keep an eye out for it, and it was found on Monday (August 19th) in a backpack hanging on a post at Nose Creek Park by a local resident who was dropping her son off. The woman, Heidi Erickson, told Global News, "There was no backpack where I found it when I dropped them off, but when I returned, this backpack was hanging on a post. I saw it and thought that looks so familiar, but I knew it wasn't my kid's backpack. It occurred to me that maybe it was the backpack from this story. I went and opened it and the bear was inside. I was in such disbelief." The bear is being returned to Duncan, who'll have it by next week.



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