Nurses sing Backstreet Boys song to cancer patients missing their concert


A 36-year-old woman who's been a diehard Backstreet Boys fan since she was a teenager had to miss the band's show in Atlanta last week that she'd been excitedly looking forward to after she was diagnosed with leukemia. Amanda Coley's sister told People, "We found out about three weeks ago that she had leukemia. She was like, 'So I can’t go to the Backstreet Boys concert?' That was the first thing she said. She was crying." Coley's sister wanted to do something special for her after she started undergoing treatment, so she and a friend planned a small surprise party for her hospital room. They told the nurses about it, expecting them to just pop in and say hi. But the nurses planned something different, coming into the room clapping and singing Backstreet Boys songs. The nurses performed three songs, with Coley singing along. The story get the attention of band member Nick Carter, who thrilled Coley by tweeting, "We missed you last night Amanda! Looks (and sounds) like you have a great team helping you get better. We’re thinking of you and sending you love.



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