Savannah and part of the Lowcountry are back in the "cone of uncertainty"

Dorian is currently 852 miles southeast of Chatham County and is heading northwest at 10 miles per hour. The storm has slowed down again since this morning and is anticipated to continue to slow down significantly over the next several days. The track still suggests landfall in Florida between Monday and Tuesday. However, Chatham County is now included in the storm’s error cone mid to late next week. This means that we could see potential impacts of heavy rain, strong winds and coastal flooding through the end of next week.

Residents are encouraged to prepare for these potential impacts from Dorian. Ensure you have your emergency kit stocked and ready to go and it includes non-perishable food and water for 3-5 days. Also, be sure to re-fill your prescription medications if you are low to ensure you have plenty to get through next week.

CEMA will monitor the storm throughout the weekend and into next week. We will provide updates when necessary to keep you informed. For the most up to date information, be sure to visit our social media pages or our website If you have any questions about the storm or how you can prepare, don’t hesitate to call us as well at 912-201-4500.


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