Man parks his car in the kitchen to protect it from the hurricane


One Florida man decided to park his smart car in his kitchen in order to protect if from Hurricane Dorian.Patrick Eldridge revealed that in addition to protect his car from blowing away, he wanted to prove to his wife that it could actually fit in the kitchen. Jessica Eldridge's car was already parked in their garage and to avoid cleaning their garage out, Patrick decided to park his car in the house. Jessica said, "I said there was no way he could. He said he could. So he opened the double doors and had it in. I was amazed that it could fit. He had it in with no problems." With the car in the kitchen, Jessica had to move around it to cook and serve dinner. She said"I'm hoping he will pull it out pretty soon once the wind dies down. There is room and it's not in the way, but my dogs are confused by it."


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