Denver teacher delivers baby on sidewalk outside herschool


A sixth-grade teacher in Denver, Colorado, just had her second child, only this one came into the world in an unusual location. English teacher Lindsay Agbalokwu thought she had a little more time before her daughter was due to arrive later this month. But on Friday, she had a surprise when her baby girl decided to come early, and the teacher suddenly gave birth on the sidewalk outside her school.

… Agbalokwu wasn’t due until September 17, which is why she initially dismissed the labor pains as Braxton Hicks contractions. But as it turned out, she was mistaken. Agbalokwu went about her Friday as usual, even handing out an award at a school assembly. At that point, she realized she’d misjudged her own pain. Once the ceremony was over, she went back to her classroom and things “went from zero to 100.” 911 was called but the baby wasn’t going to wait.



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