The adorable hug seen around the world

Here is Michael's original video which he posted on Facebook.

This simple video, which Michael Cisneros just happened to catch on his phone, is going viral and lighting up social media. It's not anything you haven't seen before: Just two boys sharing a hug.

Maxwell, 26 months old and Finnegan, 27 months old, show pure joy at the sight of one another, running to give each other a hug much bigger than their size.

Michael says they took off running toward each other so he got his phone out to record it. Michael is Maxwell's dad. He said he’s not normally one to post a lot of private things on Facebook but explains why he decided to in this case.

“With all the racism and hate going on, I just think it’s a really beautiful video.” Cisneros said. “The reason it’s getting attention is because it is with a little black boy and a little white boy, but if it can change someones mind or their view on things, then its totally worth it.”

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