Like the movie "Groundhog Day," it's always June 11th for this teenager

An Illinois teenager that suffered a traumatic brain injury wakes up every day thinking it's June 11th -- as her memory resets itself every two hours.Riley Horner said about her condition, “I have a calendar on my door and I look and it’s September and I’m like ‘Whoa.; People don’t understand — it’s like a movie.” On June 11th, Horner was accidentally kicked int he head at a dance. Doctors couldn't figure out exactly what caused her medical loss. Her mom Sarah Horner said, “They tell us there’s nothing medically wrong,” her mother. They can’t see anything. You can’t see a concussion, though, on an MRI or a CT scan. There’s no brain bleed, there’s no tumor.” Horner has to write things down and take notes in her phone just to function. She also has no recollection of major family events



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