A severely neglected dog gets a new look and a new life

The Nebraska Humane Society has been working on a revolution of sorts, getting a shamefully neglected dog back on the trail to a new life.

Officials call it "the worst case of matting, we've EVER seen." That was just for starters. They weren't at all sure what they'd find underneath the mass that covered her.

They shaved her to find a real dog under all that hair. Nine inches of fur was removed. She got a good cleaning and a little surgery and the humane society is showing off "results that are really remarkable."

Ellie Mae arrived at the Nebraska Humane Society in a storage tote because she couldn't walk. She couldn't move. She was found in the home of her owner, who had died, by those sent to clean up the house. She was anesthetized and a breathing tube was placed so she could be kept sedated and a team went to work with clippers and scissors. They cut through mats to remove years of hair

Now? Ellie is ready for a new home and a new life!


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