Why this ordinary Michigan home got 1.2 million views on Zillow

A Michigan home for features 1,568 square feet, four bedrooms and one spooky surprise. The 25 listing photos for 209 No. Chestnut St. in Lansing appear unexceptional at first — until a prospective home buyer clicks through and spies a masked figure clad in black in almost every frame. Someone dressed as Scream villain Ghostface carves a pumpkin in the kitchen, hides behind the curtain in the living room wielding a knife, peers up from the dining room floor, hides in closets, infiltrates the bathroom and — scariest of all — lurks around a corner in the unfinished basement. Realtor James Pyle, who is marketing the home, loves Halloween and wanted to do something fun. The homeowner is a friend of Pyle’s and gave him permission to feature the character from the 1996 horror film in the listing photos. The house, priced at $105,000, has racked up more than 1.2 million views on Zillow in less than a week.


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