You know what it's like to meet your favorite star. Charlie Puth met his...

Charlie Puth had one of his dreams come true when he got to meet Jennifer Aniston for the first time.

Before performing his new single, “Mother,” on The Ellen DeGeneres Showon Monday, the 27-year-old singer admitted he was “shaking from excitement” simply from being on the same set as Jennifer, who also appeared on the talk show that same morning.

Of course, Ellen decided to bring Jennifer out to surprise Charlie, who greeted the actress with a giant hug. TheFriendssuperfan could hardly keep his cool, saying, “I’m dying right now. Are you gonna stay? You can stay,” and later adding, “You smell so good.”

With Jen casually propped up on his chair, Charlie couldn’t resist asking her about the possibility of a Friends reboot, which elicited a coy response.

“We would love for there to be something, but we don’t know what that something is. We’re working on something,” Jennifer said.

Charlie volunteered to get involved and help out with making new music for a future reboot, after which he blurted out, “This is my new girlfriend,” referencing Jennifer.

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