Charlie Puth jokes about the unmade bed as he sang during TOGETHER AT HOME

A few moments during the two hour special lit up social media, perhaps humorously.

Recently during a fundraiser Elton John teased that the home he was in did not have a piano so he sang acapella. But during this performance on Saturday, he was in his back yard with a beautiful piano and behind him were basketball hoops, which we assume were for his boys to play with. As we watched, people posted saying they thought they would see the boys in the scene but they weren't here. It just seemed an odd setting: a fancy piano and basketball hoops in the same shot!

Charlie Puth was one of several stars to perform in the live, virtual charity event One World: Together At Home, which aired on Saturday.

Puth performed his hit song “See You Again” live from his bedroom, featuring his unmade bed in the background.

People were divided on Twitter. Some seemed annoyed by what they perceived as laziness, a lack of respect, or an affront to moms and neat-freaks. But others seemed to appreciate Puth’s unmade bed, with some calling it an unfiltered sign of quarantine.

Puth later responded to the comments by tweeting: “Ooops I forgot to make my bed,” “Honestly...I don’t think I’ve made my bed since 2008,” and “Single & I’m lit.”

The event – which raised almost $128 million for the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund – was a partnership between Global Citizen and the World Health Organization, and had a celebrity lineup curated by Lady Gaga.

Photo: Getty images

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