New Orleans lady giving $800 tips once a week to hard luck servers

$800 as a tip is pretty awesome especially in this day and age when servers are often hurting.

On Instagram, where she posts these surprise tips, Keyondra goes by the handle@TipaServer. She said the videos help spread some much-needed positivity and they’re also a way to show her donors who is getting the money. She makes regular posts of the cash app she uses to collect donations. 

In this case the tip was $800. The waitress had tears in her eyes and couldn’t embrace social distance in that moment and instead hugged Keyondra.

“I just try to get a feel for the person. I ask them different questions. I ask how their money is, how business is. I ask them about their family life. I want to see if I’m donating it to the right person,” said Keyondra.  

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