Elephants appear gentle but this one attacked a bus in India. Watch!


Photo: Getty Images

Elephants are a wild animal we love. Majestic tusks, large flapping ears, long trunks — they manage to appear gentle and intimidating at the same time. They are known for their occasionally explosive temperament. In an example of such a fiery outburst, a video from India (Tamil Nadu) has captured an elephant shattering the windshield of a bus.

… The incident occurred on Saturday morning when the bus was carrying government employees from one location to another in a mountainous region. The encounter left the windshield of the bus shattered and the passengers screaming in shock, while the driver kept his cool. A government official even posted on social media: “Huge respect for the driver of this Government bus … who kept his cool even under the terrifying hits on the bus from an agitated tusker. He helped passengers move back safely … That’s why they say a cool mind works wonders.”

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