GJ's Letter - Christmas Wish 2021

Dear Mark,

At 31, people love to tell you that you are young and have your entire life ahead of you. GJ certainly seemed to have the life most people would dream of when she entered her 30's. She was married, had a career and a son she described as humble and kind. On March 10, everything changed for GJ and her family when she was given the diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer. Although the news was difficult to take, GJ accepted it with a positive attitude and started chemotherapy.

Throughout her treatment, GJ remained optimistic. Members of her treatment team were in constant awe of how she was able to face her diagnosis with "true grace and the spirit of an angel."

She would drive over two hours into Savannah to receive her treatment, and ultimately had to leave her job due to the side effects and the amount of time she had to devote to chemo.

Despite all her efforts, just a few days after finishing her treatment for breast cancer, GJ was dealt another blow when she was informed the cancer had spread to her liver. She is now preparing to start traveling to Emory or Mayo every to receive additional treatment for her diagnosis.

In the face of illness and the financial burden the family has endured, all GJ and her husband want is for their 6-year-old son to have an amazing Christmas. He enjoys anything with superheroes, toy cars and trucks. He needs shoes, pants and shirts. GJ said the only thing she would like are gift cards to Walmart and Food Lion to help with basic household needs. I hope you and your listeners can make this family's Christmas very special. They deserve so many blessings.

Thank you,

WandaFrost, RN, BSN

Breast Oncology Nurse Navigator,

Memorial Health Curtis and Elizabeth Anderson Cancer Institute


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