Cardi B Reveals Her Favorite Odd Late Night Snack: 'Y'all Gonna Love It'

Photo: Getty Images

Cardi B discovered a new late night snack that she just can't get enough of.

The Grammy Award winning rapper took to Twitter on Wednesday to put her 20.3 million followers on to her new favorite late night snack. She posted a video of herself with snacking on Nacho Cheese Doritos and BBQ Sauce, saying:

"This s--- is really good. I'm not going to lie. S--- done good. Y'all gonna love it, try it. Try it and tell me I'm right."

As for what made her try to the peculiar combo, Cardi added:

"I'm dumb hungry right, and there's nothing to eat but candy and Doritos," she explained. "I don't really like to eat chips mad dry but I don't have no dip so I put some BBQ sauce. Yo, I think I did something bro. I really did something. Deadass, if you have this s--- in your house, try it. Like, I did something."

This isn't the first time the mom of two gave fans a glimpse of her culinary skills. On the Thanksgiving episode of Cardi Tries, the "I Like It" rapper tried her hand at making holiday dinner for the family alongside singer Ciara and chef Kwame Onwuachi. Cardi admitted in the episode:

"I just felt like I been getting lied to my whole life because it's like… when your family does it, they put like the bags on top of it, and they do it in a very old pot. And he just did it so simple like the young kids' way. Why moms and grandmas make it look so hard?"

Aside from discovering a new late snack, Cardi has lots more to celebrate this year. The star, who recently made history as the first female artist to score a diamond record, added yet another history making feat to her legacy he first-ever Creative Director In Residence for Playboy.


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