Emma's Letter - Christmas Wish 2021

Dear Mark,

Emma is a 14-year-old undergoing treatment for a bone cancer called Ewing’s Sarcoma.She’s a funny, spunky, outgoing girl whose world forever changed in March. She had a painful shoulder that persisted for a few weeks causing her to use her arm less and less. An X-ray showed a large bone tumor which required immediate biopsy discovering she had cancer.

Emma’s chemo started immediately at our Children’s Hospital. Due to its aggressive nature, her therapy consisted of every other week inpatient hospitalizations where she received her infusions.Her therapy causes severe nausea/vomiting, hair loss & isolation due to her fragile immune system.Her family has to administer daily injections at home to help boost her immune system.Even her “off” chemotherapy weeks have provided a host of challenges, she has required countless blood and platelet transfusions to aid in her recovery.One of the most difficult aspects of her care has been the social isolation.Imagine being a teenager in our world not able to interact with your peers or friends!Emma does her best to not let this get her down, but the long months have weighed heavily on her emotions at times.We have admired her tremendous courage and ability to find some humor in the simplest of moments.

Her family was so touched when asked about being a Christmas Wish family.Our team fully recognizes the financial & emotional hardships Emma’s condition has caused them & were excited to help bring some added relief. Emma has a deep love for animals and her goal in life is to become a Veterinarian. For Christmas, Emma was wishing for a Nintendo Switch with an Animal Crossing Game & possibly an Apple IPhone.She has an older Android phone that doesn’t work well, making contacting friends and family super challenging.The family had to limit their budget due to decreased income & she understood they could not afford such a luxury.

Emma’s 17-year-old sister, Allison, loves to shop at Five Below, Pet Smart and Claires & play video games. Her 2 year old brother, Logan, is into trucks, tractors and cars.He is very active, so any fun outdoor activities would be ideal.Emma also has a 5-month-old brother, so diapers, wipes and little boy clothing would be super helpful.A treat for the family is getting to eat at Chili’s, Olive Garden or Mexican food.They travel over an hour for her treatments, so gas cards would provide relief to their household budget.Grocery store gift cards or Wal-Mart cards would also be helpful.

Her Dad, Joel, wanted to share with the listeners of 98.7 that his daughter is a very sweet and loving, little girl who loves her nursing team at Memorial.He said “her life has been turned upside down, but she is strong and persistent and has been a source of strength to her family.”He asks that you all say a prayer for the healing of his sweet daughter as she begins to wrap up her chemotherapy treatments.

Mark, this young girl has overcome many adversities throughout her diagnosis.Watching a child battle through a cancer diagnosis is humbling and quite awe inspiring.The support your listeners provide to these families is often times just as important as the actual medication we give them.From the very bottom of this nurse’s heart, THANK YOU!The love and kindnesses blessed to them from the Christmas Wish program means the absolute world to us all.


Amanda Crosby

Pediatric Oncology Nurse Navigator

Memorial Health Dwaine & Cynthia Willett Children’s Hospital of Savannah


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