Good samaritan saves emaciated dogs from a Texas home


Good Samaritan Kristen Carter had delivered groceries to a nearby home often and had heard barking but this past Saturday, she made a sad discovery. She noticed an emaciated dog in the front yard. But there were more inside the house. Now they are recovering thanks to her.

"And when I had pulled up and I got out and I just, I was just like, oh my God. Like here is a bag of rotten potatoes next to the stairs that he was just trying to rip open and eat at," Carter says.

Carter left but then decided to come back and confront the homeowner. She offered to find the dog a new home. 

Local law enforcement took action after she posted photos and video on social media. She thought it was only going to be a couple of animals. However "the sheriff called me again. He goes, I want to let you know that there are 19 dogs. And five cats pulled out of that house."

According to the Hill Country Humane Society, the animals are now in the shelter's care but they are asking people to adopt or foster the healthy animals they have to help make room. Or those that can are asked to donate food. While the animals are not out of the woods but are doing okay and being treated for fleas.

Carter says she is glad the animals are safe but is frustrated that it went this far and says "this should have been taken care of a long time ago."

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