A TikTok of a woman on the receiving end of the Cat Distribution System

 If you’re on social media you’ve likely heard of the Cat Distribution System — a whimsical social media phenomenon that seems to have originated from a TikTok video in November 2022. Cat Distribution System describes the seemingly random ways cats enter people’s lives, often appearing out of nowhere and choosing their new human companions. There are now countless videos and posts on social media showcasing stray cats adopting unsuspecting individuals.

… The idea behind the cat distribution system is simple: people don’t choose their cats; cats choose their people. Whether it’s a kitten found in a bush during a work break or a stray cat showing up at someone’s doorstep, these random encounters are seen as the universe’s way of pairing cats with their rightful owners.

To go along with the story, here’s a TikTok of a woman who’s on the receiving end of the Cat Distribution System.

Family of Cats

Photo: shaunl / E+ / Getty Images

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