Watch as this emaciated and very hot dog is rescued by St. Louis officials

From the group "STRAY RESCUE OF ST. LOUIS"....A call came in from a good Samaritan who found this dog. They sent us these photos and we couldn't get in our car and drive there fast enough. We were so thankful to see the compassionate callers waiting with her when we arrived. She is as old as the hills, very dehydrated and emaciated. We named her Tuscany. 

We carefully lifted her up and put her in the jeep. We alerted our medical team so they would be ready when she arrived. We were worried about the heat, her dehydration, and how skinny she was. But what we would soon discover would be even worse...

As our Veterinarian began examining Tuscany, she discovered bite wounds all over her legs, her belly, her armpit. Her skin was sloughing off. In addition, she is anemic and in need of an emergency blood transfusion. On top of everything else, she is also in kidney failure.

We're not sure how long she has been on her own, trying to navigate and survive the streets. But it is so hard out there. Especially for a senior dog who should be enjoying all the comforts of a loving home.

They are facing the relentless heat, they are trying to find food and water, avoid fleas and ticks, dodge callous humans, and stay out of the way of other hungry dogs doing their best to survive. It's such a lonely, scary existence out there, which is why we're so happy Tuscany is here, with us. 

We will give her everything she needs, both medically and emotionally. Even if she doesn't have much time left (our vet estimated her to be about 12 years old), we want to shower her in all the love she deserves and has been missing until now. We will keep you posted in the next few days on how she's doing.


Update 6/26

Dogs amaze us every single day.

Their stories bring us to our knees. But then we see them fighting so hard to live - to be loved.

Tuscany received her emergency blood transfusion (Thank you to our hero dog, adoptable Fury!!), had a good night's sleep, and even wanted some breakfast. How can we love this little dog we just met so much already? Whatever she needs, we are here for her.

Thank you for being there for her, too. We'll keep you updated on this sweet old lady. 

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